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Last Updated on October 21, 2020.

What is Usability?

Web Usability is a measure of the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which a user can achieve his or her goals on a website … more

What is a website?

  • website contains all the web pages in that site, including the homepage.
  • webpage is any page in a website. This term usually refers to all the other webpages on a site but not the homepage.
  • homepage is the primary landing page of the website domain name. You arrive at the homepage by typing the website domain name into your browser window.
  • For example, if you enter this domain name into your browser window, you will arrive at the homepage of From the homepage, you can branch to any of the other webpages within this website.
  • An article can be submitted by an author and posted on a webpage on somebody else’s website.
  • domain name is the name of a website, e.g. The Domain Name System (DNS) translates the domain name into a physical computer address (or IP address) on the Internet.


Web-wise wording is writing for the Web in a style to suit Internet users. This means your web content must be direct (to-the-point), concise, factual and easy to skim and scan.”

What is eye-tracking?


Eye-tracking studies can tell whether users are reading or scanning a webpage.