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Increase website traffic

Last Updated on September 25, 2020.

Usability improvements increase website traffic

Scientific studies prove that you will increase the traffic to your web site when you enhance its usabilityWeb-wise wording is a major component of the science of usability.

Web-wise wording improves usability

Usability studies have shown that by writing in a web-wise style, you will improve the usability of your content by over 100% (as compared to a style that is not objective, not easy to scan and not concise).  For more details on these studies, refer to Jacob Nielsen’s How Users Read on the Web.

100% increase in website traffic

Improved usability results in increased traffic to your web site. Jacob Nielsen, a renowned usability expert, tells us that “It is common for usability efforts to result in a hundred percent or more increase in traffic or sales“.  Conversion rates are improved by an average increase of 83% – [Jacob Nielsen]

How does this work?   Improving your web site usability results in more repeat visits from your existing user base, and also results in more users recommending your site to other users.

How to improve your website’s usability

To improve your website’s usability or your article’s web-worthiness, you need to review your content to see if you can improve its readability.  Your content needs to be presented in a style that suits the way users read on the internet.

Users read differently on the web to the way they read printed material.  They don’t read word-for-word, but rather they skim and scan a page, looking for points of interest.  Your content must be presented in a way that makes this easy for your readers to do.

For more details on how users read on the Web, and how to write in a style that suits today’s Internet users, see writing for the web.